Market Research

Who is your ideal customer?
What kind of person are they?
Psychographics & Demographics.
Where do they hang out online?
How do we best communicate with them?
Who are your competitors and how are they doing it? 
These are all questions we take the time to answer. 

Content Marketing

People hate ads. So get their attention a different way. "Content is King," Bill Gates once said. The turnover for traditional advertising, even online, has dropped significantly. Add value consistently by engaging your audience with entertainment or info product content through e-mail, blogging, video, podcasting, etc. 


What is your story? 
What is the story of your business?
According to educationist Edgar Dale's Cone of Learning, the human brain retains more information through simulation or storytelling, especially when emotions are involved. Storytelling is how we communicate and understand each other. 

Brand Identity

What is your brand?
How are you positioned in the marketplace?
How do you want people to view and remember your company? 
How do you translate this into visuals?
If you don't already have a good idea of your brand, we work with you to discover and articulate it. 

Online Advertising

Leveraging the incredible power of the internet, we work with you to create the best course of action for your marketing materials. Whether it's Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, or E-mail Marketing, we make sure your video gets in front of thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of your target market. It all depends on how much you want to spend.


Once you have the traffic you want, how do you retain that traffic? Let us help you strategize what bait to use and how to capture those fish to build your marketing channels through subscriptions, likes, follows, and friends. 

Marketing Plan

Content marketing, e-mail, pay-per-click advertising, what is the best strategy to get in front of your ideal customers? Marketing is our craft, let us help you strategize. 

Increasing Traffic

It's amazing how many ways there are today to increase visibility and traffic...
• Guerilla Marketing
• Digital Street Teams
• E-mail marketing
• Facebook Ads
• Google Adwords
• YouTube advertising
• Affiliate marketing

Film/Video Production

Whether it's a simple event that needs to be covered or a large production with a 50-person crew, our experienced team has the skills necessary to tackle the responsibility of any size production: hiring, management, planning, organization, scheduling, and budgeting. Check out our equipment.