Conedera Studios has helped entrepreneurs
bring the left brain and right brain together
for 70 years.

Henry Conedera

Henry Conedera graduated from the Chicago Professional School of Art in 1940. After returning from service in WWII, he decided to start a full service design and print agency. "Conedera Studios" was founded in 1947. Before long he had earned a reputation for delivering effective marketing materials quickly and efficiently for clients such as Encyclopedia Britannica, Skilsaw, Coronet Films and many more. Henry’s son, David, joined the firm in 1979.

David Conedera

After Henry’s retirement, his son David moved the company to San Diego. Continuing his father’s tradition of one-stop-shop efficiency, David slowly grew the firm’s photography and video capabilities to avoid third party costs and scheduling hassles. He eventually branched out beyond just design into the world of advertising to bring his clients' messages to a broader audience; handling the negotiations, purchasing, and placement of ads with elite magazines like San Diego and Ranch & Coast.

Nick Conedera

At an early age, David’s son, Nick, developed an interest in filmmaking that was fueled by access to the Conedera Studios equipment room. With an impressive list of credentials as an editor and videographer, Nick joined the firm in 2006 as Video Marketing Director. After David's retirement in 2013, Nick's sales background and filmmaking experience have become the company's bread and butter. 

Conedera Studios Account Experience

Alvarado Hospital Medical Center
Atlantic Richfield Company
Baldwin Company
California First Bank
Chasan Cosmetic Surgery
Children’s Hospital of San Diego
Conference Concepts
Coronet Films
Daley Corporation
David Cooperrider PhD
Del Mar Fair
Eastlake Development
EF Tours
Encyclopedia Britannica
Exowax Recordings
Films Incorporated
First National Bank of San Diego
Front Row Foundation

Girl Scouts of America
Hal Elrod; The Miracle Morning
Jefferson County Chamber
Magellan Aviation
McKellar Development
National Nurseries
San Diego Cancer Center
Santa Fe Interiors
Schubach Aviation
Sea World of California
Soco South Coast Division
Symphony Towers
Upper Deck Authenticated
Vector Marketing
Watt Industries
Wells Fargo Bank


From Some of our Clients...

Roberta Baskin  Executive Director,  AIM2Flourish

Roberta Baskin
Executive Director, AIM2Flourish

“Nick is a full service, full throttle producer, videographer, and editor. He's highly intuitive and creative in his work, anticipating the needs of his clients and delivering beyond their expectations. It's a delight to work with someone who is dedicated to excellence and makes it fun along the way.”

Hal Elrod  Creator of  Best Year Ever Blueprint LIVE   #1 Bestselling author of  The Miracle Morning

Hal Elrod
Creator of Best Year Ever Blueprint LIVE
#1 Bestselling author of The Miracle Morning

"We've worked with Nick Conedera and his team on dozens of projects and will continue to do so, because they bring an unparalleled approach to strategically using video to make quantum leaps in our business results. I can't recommend Conedera Studios enough."

Jon Vroman  Co-Founder,  Front Row Foundation

Jon Vroman
Co-Founder, Front Row Foundation

"48 hours ago, a TODAY SHOW producer left my house. Why? They watched a video online about Front Row Foundation, the charity I proudly serve. They loved who we are, what we do, and why we exist. All thanks to Nick Conedera."