Control Your Brand Image

How do you want people to view you? Professional, effective, efficient, fun, smart, expert, different, cool? How do you know if you're being viewed that way? And most importantly, how do you translate these descriptors into visuals? We are most comfortable in this ambiguous space between art and business.

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• Define Target Market: average single guys with little experience cooking, 18-24, interests: lifting, sports, beer, chicks
• Color Scheme: Yellow and red, stealing from fast food to suggest the idea of fast and easy
• Logo: Fist bump with fork
• Video: To establish a fun/cool brand that appeals to "bros" and "dudes"


• Define a target market: young college-aged creatives at Olympic College
• Addressing the audience directly by breaking the fourth wall
• Create a brand that appeals to these young creatives
• Establish an idea that resonates with young creatives: "get out of the classroom, learn by doing"
• Give a "call to action" to direct them to sign-up for the course online

SHARP "The World's Finest Movie"

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• Define Target Market: college-aged entrepreneurs and salespeople, 18-24
• Appeal to the emotions: intense red color and imagery
• Establish a theme and marketing message that would resonate with the beliefs and values of young independents: challenge the status quo, go against the flow, be different, be yourself
• Entice: make them want to know more by revealing very little information
• Rebrand the "wolf in sheep's clothing" metaphor by putting a positive spin on it